This article originally appeared on Robinia Creative.

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Recently, I spilled coffee on my laptop. If true peace is accepting change, I am hopeless. There is nothing worse in life than spilling coffee on your laptop. Your day ends; your life ends!

Apple knows this.

When I ventured into Apple’s store to get it repaired or replaced, something other than my immense aggravation impressed me: Apple’s entire and large retail store had perhaps 100 total products on the walls and shelves. To be honest, there were more people in that store than technological devices.

But wait, Apple is a technology company, right? Wrong! Apple’s company narrative is solution-based (not product based); they sell easy to use (and REPLACE) solutions in the modern computing era. Steve Jobs understood that “people don’t just want to buy personal computers anymore, they want to know what they can do with them.”

That’s why the Apple store’s wall were peppered by HUGE pictures of happy people. At the foundational level, Apple sells belonging (albiet a strange belonging) and you don’t have to inventory that!

I could have been helped faster, though…