This article originally appeared on Robinia Creative.

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Why clarifying your brand is more important today than ever!

A million books are published every year. How many of those have you read? Perhaps, the better question is: how many are worth reading?

Consumers today are pounded by a tsunami of clutter that masks itself as choice. Let’s look at the numbers …

Although a million books are published, only 1% of them secure a spot on the prized “New York Times Bestseller” list. The average adult will read a meager 12 books a year—or 0.0012% of the total books published within that same year.

The produced effect of clutter is abandonment and today’s empowered consumer fights this over-abundance of choice by simply walking away from it.

Marketing—especially Digital Marketing—has something to learn from the 0.0012% of humans that chose to read not leave. Amazon thrives because it tailors its content to the interests and buying habits of its users, thus mitigating the choice and dissipating the clutter before their consumers become overwhelmed by it. Yes, you can open the flood gates of Amazon via their search functionality, but only if you want to.

Today’s Digital Marketers need to be more personal than “ad-based” and today’s businesses need to focus on decluttering—their products, services, branding, messaging, and even focus. We live in a world of extreme access but our first tendency as consumers is to walk away from it. This is not a human problem; this is a tsunami problem.