This article originally appeared on Robinia Creative.

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You’ve lost me. I am emphatically out of whatever you are selling. I will never come back!

Have you ever received an email that begins with, “Dear {[Client First Name]}?” I don’t care if you’re the President of the United States; my first name is Daniel.

Nothing makes Client First Name feel more like an unimportant “thing” than getting his name wrong. If you want to alienate someone, call him “Client First Name.”

Nothing makes Client First Name feel less cared for than knowing that the company trying to solve their problems does not care about them enough to get their name right in their computerized database. “Hey You” would have worked better than “Client First Name.”

Email marketing is hard. We understand that. We have faced many hurdles in our email marketing efforts over the past 20 years. But there are a few things you just can’t get wrong–their name being the top most thing.

Email marketing needs to be from the heart; it needs to be personal. Cold email newsletters are out of style and just don’t work like they used to. In a world dominated by cold and distant communication, where people are bombarded with thousands of emails a day, your email must stick out.

The only way to truly stick out of the fray–the only way to make your email’s recipients WANT to open your emails–is to be personal with them. Cultivate their trust; give them tips that help them; form a community of belonging, care, mentorship, and and positive change.

Call me Daniel and i’ll open your email.