This article originally appeared on Robinia Creative.

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Growing up, December 26th may have well been the gloomiest of days. Forget the weather report, the day after Christmas was and is always going to be rainy with a chance of more rain.

Christmas is over; the great holiday joy that perfumed the air of the past few weeks has instantly vanished. Poof! Gone. No more Christmas.

What if I told you that your business has its own December 26th?

It’s called “buyer’s remorse.”

The sales cycle can be compared to the triumphal buildup of the Christmas season, with exciting courtship, dedicated attention, and enthusiastic community; however, if Christmas is the sale, then December 26th is the often-neglected, entirely bland, and wholly hum-drum ongoing lull of customer support.

Why do so many digital marketing agencies focus on the sale but the service and retention of their “valued” customers go by the wayside?

It’s simple: selling is fun, exciting, and it involves Christmas trees, lights, and presents. It’s also easily measurable and, therefore, quantifiable.

Supporting customers post-sale is like taking down the Christmas tree—it’s hard and often overlooked or less-extravagant work. It takes a dedication to long-term goals and narratives.

Here is the point: the best presents are those that get better with age; they are better on December 26th than on Christmas morning. Think back at your favorite Christmas presents over the years—they were thrilling to look at wrapped under the tree, exciting to open on Christmas morning, and exhilarating to play with for many days following.

This three-step process should be your company’s goals; it should guide your steps and form your narrative.

This is Digital Marketing at its best—wrapped beautifully and executed perfectly.

The best products and services are great before, during, and after the purchase.

The best Christmas presents make Christmas day less cool and the days following much more enjoyable.