About Daniel Firth Griffith

From tech startups to holistically-managed farms to acclaimed books, Daniel strives to foster connection and community via the shared power of language–of story.

Daniel is a rambunctious and wild boy turned D-1 college and top recruit turned farmer and regenerative consultant turned poet-philosopher. Daniel’s story is one of curiosity; of restlessness; of wanderlust—a wanderlust that ultimately led him home.

Daniel graduated college at the top of his class and with high honors in computer science, mathematics and history. Only days into a Masters degree, however, Daniel was diagnosed with a severe genetic disease that forced him to retreat from schooling altogether. After many years of surgeries, complications, and severe illnesses, he ultimately landed on his feet but in different shoes—or, rather, boots.

“To pay attention is to see the remarkable. In many ways far too real, it is to see ourselves in the ordinary, the daily, the mundane miracles of Creation.”


Emergent Entreprenuer

In 2016, Daniel founded Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre regenerative and emergent landscape and farm in Nelson County, Virginia. Timshel supplies resilient wildlife habitat and regenerative wild foods to their community. In early 2017, Daniel also founded the Robinia Group, an emergent group of companies focused on advocating, demonstrating, and educating the supreme abundance of holistic and emergent systems.

A Storyteller


Robinia Creative is a top-award-winning and international digital engagement & marketing agency with thousands of clients (John Deere, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, etc.) on five continents.

The Robinia Institute is Virginia’s Hub of the Savory Institute and offers courses, consultations, and apprenticeships in the fields of natural citizenship, holistic management, and wild ecology. The Institutes is also pioneering land transition and regenerative scaling capital and consulting projects alongside bioregion-wide producer network emergence to co-create a uniformly diverse abundance in their region.

Daniel is also a widely published author and his first book, Boone: An Unfinished Portrait, hit the shelves in October, 2020. Already an acclaimed biography of Daniel Boone, Daniel’s work is delivered with the challenging nuance of a historian and the arresting style of a poet and seeks to reignite and engage the soul of American wildness. Daniel’s next book, Wild Like Flowers, a book focused on the regeneration of the Wildland, is being released early 2021.

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