• Boone: An Unfinished Portrait

New Release: Acclaimed Daniel Boone Biography


A wild biography of Daniel Boone that seeks to define and examine the figurehead of the American Man through a rich inspection of the complex and problematic context of American frontier history. Acclaimed Biographer and Emergent Conservationist Daniel Firth Griffith provides a wild and engaging portrait of a great American Icon, Daniel Boone. Delivered with the challenging nuance of a historian and the arresting style of a poet, Griffith's work seeks to reignite and engage the soul of American wildness. Boone: An Unfinished Portrait is a search party to find Daniel Boone, its journey is that of his story's canvas, and its purpose is to uncover a man to unfurl a hope built in reciprocity, connection, and understanding. "A tantalizing biography for those who love and live for wild places." - Jim Howell, author of For the Love of Land. "A superb study that clears away the fog and mythology of Boone as the pathfinder for civilization." - Dr. Dan Monroe, Professor of History at Millikin University and the author of The Republican Vision of John Tyler.

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Motive, Murder, and the Genocide of the New World


The points here to consider is that murder without motive is not innocence and simply waving off the one of the “greatest human catastrophes” of known history as pure accident does not produce a virtue worth emulating. The depopulation of America’s original peoples was a convenient truth that facilitated the future and complete conquering and colonization of its lands. It supplied the young nation a polemic ground to argue Manifest Destiny, the eradication of native populations in the East, and the subjugation and relocation of ancient homelands. The rhetoric of Murder without Motive fueled many of America’s later “Indian Policies.” John Quincy Adams argued that one “treaty” was an “eternal disgrace upon the country,” and Frances Trollope described the resulting American policies as: “with one hand hoisting the cap of liberty, and with the other…driving from their homes the children of the soil.”

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4 Things You Never Knew About Daniel Boone


Although most often painted as a heroic fighter and Indian killer, Daniel retreated from nearly every battle he ever fought in. For instance, during the French and Indian War, Daniel worked as a teamster in General Braddock’s campaign. At the Battle of the Monongahela, where Braddock’s forces were entirely defeated and one out of three English soldiers died, Daniel survived because he ran … fast! An interesting connection can be drawn here in the relation between the warfare tactics of most Native American tribes and the European notions of retreat. Battles of pitted armies that work against each other for hours, days, or months was virtually unheard-of in the Americas prior to European civilization.

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Autumn’s Poet: The American Persimmon


The last cigar I smoked was in a room that I will never see again. It was a Romeo y Julieta and it was insufferable. Although the day was just beginning to cast its shadows, I had already suffered through two exams and twice that number of college lectures. It was past lunchtime and my stomach was mutinous. My pitiable attempts aside, the cigar’s light kept failing, for they require attention and breath and I had neither, for mine were fixed on the room. There are days in a man’s life that, looking back, he wishes he would have showered for; days that, had he known the coming power of that day before its sun rose, he would have donned his best and walked lightly through it. Today, unshowered and ill-shod, I stumbled through one of those days. It was the fall semester of my sophomore year and I had just proposed to my now wife the week prior. The room was Dr. Peter Schramm’s personal library and the cigar was his humidor’s last. Just a number of months before his death, Dr. Schramm had invited me over to his house to discuss my engagement and future plans. We talked of neither.

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Warren Buffet, Apple, and Your Brand


Warren Buffet rarely makes financial mistakes. The Nebraskan investor of railroads, energy companies, and archetypal American brands has built an empire by seeing things other investors have not. Recently, however, Buffet lamented his mistake in not buying more Apple Inc shares in the beginning of Apple’s explosive tenure. At the time, Buffet instead invested his capitol in the IBM Corp, an admitted mistake. Today, Buffet has made Apple Inc the centerpiece of his portfolio, picking up shares every time Apple’s stocks drops in price, something quite easy today as it drops nearly 7.5% during the holiday quarter.

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What Frodo Can Teach Us About Marketing


Story is important, yes. But it is not the most important. Most fundamentally, Digital Marketing is about devoting energy and resources to reflect on and resonate with the right angles for the right people. In other words, if Gandalf tells Legolas how to get to Mount Doom but leaves Frodo in the dark, Middle Earth becomes a different place and Mordor wins. Our mission is to get Frodo to the Grey Havens and the right story will do just that!

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Clutter is Not Choice, But Decluttering Is!


A million books are published every year. How many of those have you read? Perhaps, the better question is: how many are worth reading? Consumers today are pounded by a tsunami of clutter that masks itself as choice. Let’s look at the numbers … Although a million books are published, only 1% of them secure a spot on the prized “New York Times Bestseller” list. The average adult will read a meager 12 books a year—or 0.0012% of the total books published within that same year. The produced effect of clutter is abandonment and today’s empowered consumer fights this over-abundance of choice by simply walking away from it.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Digital Marketing


Think about it: when was the last time you saw a commercial or advertisement for Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotels? Why does one of America’s top hotel chains overlook traditional marketing channels? It’s because they give free cookies. DoubleTree understand that their customers are staying a night in a place not called home and they understand that the warmth of home is yet highly important. When their customers walk in the door, they are greeting with a freshly baked and warm chocolate chip cookie. Every DoubleTree hotel has a baker on staff to cook these free reminders of home … this is Growth Hacking. Digital Marketing is about positioning your brand to positively and profitably “hack through” your marketplace; it is about crafting your brand’s narrative so as to leverage word-of-mouth with intention and purpose.

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Marketing Is Empathy, Not Noise


Today, marketing is loud and focused on seizing attentions. The world is fast, but marketing needs to be faster. It is widely believed that your targeted ad, your custom website, your email marketing newsletter has a three second window of viability. If it makes that small window, it may just work! But, if it takes users more than three seconds to feel comfortable with it and invite it into their hectic lives, it will absolutely fail. This data pushes some Digital Marketing companies to employ shoot-and-scoot campaigns, where they constantly throw ads and change tactics to keep up with the fray of online consumers and prospects.

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Marketing Is Not A Department


It’s 3 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and we’ve been standing in line for doughnuts for over an hour. We don’t even like doughnuts but we hear these are decent. It’s winter in Portland, Oregon and our bones are turning glacial. But we are told these doughnuts are worth it the chilling wait… A number of winters ago, my brother and I visited Portland, Oregon on our way up the coast. We were told that there was a local doughnut shop that we just had to visit.

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There Are No Hits Anymore


Our culture is constant in its infatuation of what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s what. We obsess over celebrities and, because of the mass dominance of social networks, we even get paid because we are known—we call these people “influencers,” as though they have something to offer. But have you ever considered that most “hits” are not from this century? Think about it … if someone were to ask you what are the best movies or music albums ever, what would you name? Please don’t say The Avengers …

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We Need to Stop Talking About Ideal Customers


One of the primary questions of any marketing effort is, “Who is your ideal customer?” This is a fine question, for, if you do not see or understand or value your “target,” then how do you sight your scope to hit it? Although the surface of this question is firm, its core is a bit shaky … In a 2014 Gallup poll, more than two-thirds of adults said they were not “engaged in work” and only 13% called themselves “engaged.” What is the connection between your target audience and these numbers?

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Apple Doesn’t Sell Technology


But wait, Apple is a technology company, right? Wrong! Apple’s company narrative is solution-based (not product based); they sell easy to use (and REPLACE) solutions in the modern computing era. Steve Jobs understood that “people don’t just want to buy personal computers anymore, they want to know what they can do with them.” That’s why the Apple store’s wall were peppered by HUGE pictures of happy people. At the foundational level, Apple sells belonging and you don’t have to inventory that!

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Dear {[Client First Name]}


You’ve lost me. I am emphatically out of whatever you are selling. I will never come back! Have you ever received an email that begins with, “Dear {[Client First Name]}?” I don’t care if you’re the President of the United States; my first name is Daniel. Nothing makes Client First Name feel more like an unimportant “thing” than getting his name wrong. If you want to alienate someone, call him “Client First Name.” Nothing makes Client First Name feel less cared for than knowing that the company trying to solve their problems does not care about them enough to get their name right in their computerized database. “Hey You” would have worked better than “Client First Name.”

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“…And We Also Sell Coffee”


The “…and we also sell coffee” marketing tactic has kept Barnes & Noble afloat in a word of sinking ships. The average book-buyer is 45 to 64, white, has a high income, is married, lives in the west, and is a college graduate. “…and we also sell coffee” has given Barnes & Noble the ability to draw in another persona: the coffee house and busy-mom crowd. People who, in addition to shopping, need a caffeinated lift to their day. Charlottesville Digital Marketing is no different. Find the small niche that can set your company apart and go for it. Be the plumbing company that “also cleans your kitchen floor when we leave.” Be the grocer who “gives free foods to children” while their parents are shopping. In other words, please “also sell coffee.”

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Why Your Company Should Sell Salt


Today, we spend a lot of time telling people why they should trust us and we plaster these phrases over our websites, in our logos, marketing materials, and, yes, even in our conversations. Questions then plague our marketing insights and muddy the water. Questions such as: where should we devote our energy? Or, what social media platform should we capitalize today? Or, but what will my return on investment be? Or, should we attend local events or stay national? All good questions, yes. But how must follow why.

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Thomas Jefferson, The Marketer


Although your company’s mission probably isn’t to penetrate the thought of mankind for all generations, Thomas Jefferson’s pen can teach us something about marketing. Write your company’s story—its brand, logo, taglines, etc.—for your intended audience. Don’t shy away from impacting George III, but build your narrative for all of mankind. Or other words, don’t shy away from a narrative heavily focused on a sliver of the market. Speak directly to your customers and how such customers want/need to be spoken to.

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Why Your Money is Worthless


Money is more than worthless. Most everyone understands that the actual paper money in our wallets carries no actual worth and most everyone else understands the “money” you have in the bank isn’t really even there. Money is worthless, yes. But that is not my point. Money is also meaningless. It carries no inherit or implicit meaning. What is a twenty-dollar bill’s value? Ours answers will differ based on time and location.

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Growth Is Stupid


Two nights ago my wife and I ventured into a Barnes & Noble’s Bookstore to pick up a last-minute Christmas gift. My wife also wanted one of their free holiday cookies. Immediately upon walking through the door, we had to turn sideways to make it past the crowded first book display. It seemed that the entire store was fixed on these “holiday favorites.” For me, I am a history/biography guy and my books are in the back of the store where I like them. But back to the foyer’s book display. On the table were books like “The Power of Habit,” and “12 Rules For Life,” and “Option B.” Summed up, they were Barnes & Noble’s top personal growth books and everyone wanted one. It seems that everyone is obsessed with growth.

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Why The Best Presents Make Christmas Less Cool


Growing up, December 26th may have well been the gloomiest of days. Forget the weather report, the day after Christmas was and is always going to be rainy with a chance of more rain. Christmas is over; the great holiday joy that perfumed the air of the past few weeks has instantly vanished. Poof! Gone. No more Christmas. What if I told you that your business has its own December 26th? It’s called “buyer’s remorse.” The sales cycle can be compared to the triumphal buildup of the Christmas season, with exciting courtship, dedicated attention, and enthusiastic community; however, if Christmas is the sale, then December 26th is the often-neglected, entirely bland, and wholly hum-drum ongoing lull of customer support.

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Gas Shouldn’t Be Hard to Pump


Have you overthought the customer fulfillment process and neglected to just help them just “fill their tanks?” Please don’t get me wrong. I have used the gas station near my house. It was painful, but I have braved the stop twice now. I did it. I was scared; but I did it. However, this station will never grow into today, let alone tomorrow; they won’t get my recommendations. Simply, they are stuck in yesteryear because their customers leave the interaction scarred and absolutely and entirely worn out. They make me think way to hard.

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Why We Need To Open Concept Our Marketing


Today, 47% of meals are enjoyed “outside of the home” and the average time spent in the kitchen per day is a meager 15 minutes. When you look at the number of families that actually use their expensive gas ranges to cook raw ingredients into meals and not to warm up macaroni from a box, its seriously perplexing. The time we spend cooking today is arguably inversely proportional to the amount of money we spend in renovating our kitchens… The take away is that what your customers value may not make monetary or completely logical or rational sense. They may want the more expensive product because it’s ocean blue, not light blue, for example.

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Estrogenics, Glyphosate, and Breeding Stock


When Morgan and I started farming, we set down a couple of fundamental tenets for our farm—unshakeable beliefs that would form, impact, and guide every decision we made on the farm. If you have come across any of our farm’s marketing, you will recognize this paragraph: “We absolutely and entirely do not provide or use any hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, vaccinations, medications, synthetic vitamins or chemicals, wormers, appetite stimulants, injections, irradiations, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, any-other-cides, or chlorine baths to our land and flerds (herds and flocks) ever. Period.” This was the first tenet. It is one that is actually very simple to maintain. Farm in nature’s image and it is easy to be natural. The second tenet is not so easy: “To control and manage the breeding and feeding stock for all the products sold on and by our farm.” Otherwise put, if we didn’t raise its parents, we won’t sell it (we are glad to note that, as of January, 2019, this tenet is 100% enforced).

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Private Virtue, Our Only Hope


Our country was founded upon discussions of virtue and freedom and it only feels natural to begin 2019 with such a dialogue. For the moment, let us forget about the shutdown, Syria, and the wall. Let us listen to the White-Throated Sparrow outside our frosted window panes. “Sometimes, the very best something is to do nothing” and the most profitable beginnings are achieved by standing still. Let’s approach this new year with this old conviction. The American Founders were students of history. They observed that all life (especially political life) tends toward decay and entropy. From Nebuchadnezzar’s Siege of Jerusalem to to the fall of Rome, Nature’s tendency to corrode and degenerate has been stable and accountable.

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