In this new film, Daniel, alongside a large and diversified network of small farmers, challenges the mainstream and modern revolution for soil health, questioning if it is any better than its industrial counterpart.

Does soil health matter if we destroy our neighbors and community in the process? Can we have healthy soil without healthy souls and can we have healthy souls if our society is decadent at the core?

We need to scale the regenerative movement by keeping it small.

Human-scale farming undermines the degenerative mindset of the industrial system, of mother culture. Human-scale farmers operate within the pace of nature and within the context of their own landscape.

The human-scale is a transition from a dependence on industrial systems into an interdependence between everyone, on everyone.

In this way, human-scale farming necessitates collaboration, of communities working together in collective consciousness.

The industrial system requires individuality; the human-scale vision requires the collective.