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Hunter-husbandman and renowned storyteller D. Firth Griffith renders a tale of hope at the end of the world through an artful blend of narrative, reflection, and scientific inquiry, questioning why our current worldview isn’t working and offering a kincentric and Earthen gift in its place.

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Happily (re)learning what it means to be human. Essays, podcasts, books, live conversations, and more!

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Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Father

To Be Human

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Rewilding & Relational Conservationism

We are the visions of our ancestors—our feet step in realms that their dreams well tread and our tired hands and aching hearts work in their tear-watered but now-sleeping soils.

Our mission is to (re)learn what it means to be human, an honorable heir, in a world on the edge—one bustling with new visions, new dreams, and new artifices of attention.

We are a cross-industry collaborative of educators, writers, relational ecologists, and more, led by author, storyteller, and hunter-husbandman, Daniel Firth Griffith, that seeks the reawakening of relationship through becoming, through the rewilding of both ourselves and our lands, and honoring the place-based and wisdom-holding ancestral ways that have come before us.

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What Is Rewilding?


Why We are not "Regen"


(re)learning to be human


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“If there were a poet laureate of holistic management, his name would be Daniel Griffith.”

-Allan Savory

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