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Daniel is a rambunctious and wild boy turned D-1 college and top recruit turned regenerative farmer and consultant turned poet-philosopher. Daniel’s story is one of curiosity; of restlessness; of wanderlust–a wonderlust that ultimately led him home.

From tech startups to holistically-managed farms to acclaimed books, Daniel strives to foster connection and community via the shared power of language–of story.

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“To pay attention is to see the remarkable. In many ways far too real, it is to see ourselves in the ordinary, the daily, the mundane miracles of Creation.”

Daniel Firth Griffith

Timshel Wildland

We are a leading regenerative farm in Central Virginia that is transitioning our nearly 400 acre landscape into a rich wildland — a process-led & emergent conservation — to foster ecoststem restoration, greater carbon sequestration, healthy meats, bio-diversity, and wild-species habitat.

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Robinia Institute

As a Regional Hub of the Savory Institute, our work provides the contextual canvas for empirically driven and measurable ecologic and economic holistic systems implementation.

The educational arm of our institute is dedicated to teaching and training farmers, consumers, and investors how to become the entangled and symbiotic participants (economically, ecologically, and socially) with holistically managed and deeply regenerative living systems.

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Robinia Creative

Robinia is a full-service & family-owned digital marketing agency rooted in desgining abundant connections, serving more than 7,000 clients since 1999. We work with small start-ups to inspired enterprise companies across the globe.

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Articles & Publications

Ramblings of an Poet-Philsopher living within an Entrepreneur’s and Emergent Conservation’s World.

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Warren Buffet, Apple, and Your Brand

November 8th, 2020|

Warren Buffet rarely makes financial mistakes. The Nebraskan investor of railroads, energy companies, and archetypal American brands has built an empire by seeing things other investors have not. Recently, however, Buffet lamented his mistake in not buying more Apple Inc shares in the beginning of Apple’s explosive tenure. At the time, Buffet instead invested his capitol in the IBM Corp, an admitted mistake. Today, Buffet has made Apple Inc the centerpiece of his portfolio, picking up shares every time Apple’s stocks drops in price, something quite easy today as it drops nearly 7.5% during the holiday quarter.

Dear {[Client First Name]}

November 8th, 2020|

You’ve lost me. I am emphatically out of whatever you are selling. I will never come back! Have you ever received an email that begins with, “Dear {[Client First Name]}?” I don’t care if you’re the President of the United States; my first name is Daniel. Nothing makes Client First Name feel more like an unimportant “thing” than getting his name wrong. If you want to alienate someone, call him “Client First Name.” Nothing makes Client First Name feel less cared for than knowing that the company trying to solve their problems does not care about them enough to get their name right in their computerized database. “Hey You” would have worked better than “Client First Name.”