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Kincentric Rewilding, Science, & A Tale of Letting Go


Released, May 2024

In Stagtine, Griffith illuminates, through an epic tale of his family's transition from a struggling regenerative farm to a pioneering kincentric rewilding landscape, the gauntlet that is modern life and agriculture, industrial or regenerative, and rather than telling us how to run the race, he suggests that we step back, turn within, and look to all relations for guidance on how to inform our next steps. 

Rather than the modern story that humans must “save the world,” Stagtine circles inward to a simpler, more ancient proposal: we can enliven our visit to Earth by relinquishing control and stepping into right relationship with one another and the landscapes we inhabit.

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The 4 Relationships of Regeneration

Dark Cloud Country

Released, March 2023

A 2023 National Indie Excellence Award Winner in Nature.

A groundbreaking collection about the WILDING of the regenerative agriculture movement. Part mystical stories and poems where trees talk and briars walk, part lyrical studies of mathematics and art, Dark Cloud Country is a pioneering portrait of the WILD in and around us.

In Dark Cloud Country, Griffith debuts a new paradigm for WILDING-what he calls the Four Relationships: chaos, bounds, art, and singularity.

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The Restoration of Relationship Through Regeneration

Wild Like Flowers

Released, March 2021

A 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Award in Nature/Environmentalism.

This is a book about Regenerative Agriculture gone wild. This book of short stories and essays is a wondrous meditation on sunrises and wildness, on wildflowers and walks. It is also a book about you, about me, and about the ecosystem regeneration possible through learning to see the wild gifts of Relationship.

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An Unfinished Portrait


Released, March 2020

A wild biography of Daniel Boone that seeks to define and examine the figurehead of the American Man through a rich inspection of the complex and problematic context of American frontier history.

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Published Articles, Stories, and Essays

While not a full list of published materials, the below are highlights or snapshots in time from the past 4 years.

May, 2024: Climate, Kincentric Rewilding, and The Color of Clouds,

March, 2024: The Keeper, The Tiller, The Question, Front Porch Republic

December, 2023: Shakespeare, Sonnets, and Stewardship: Why Ecological Problems Require Poetry,

May, 2023:‘Regenerative’ Agriculture is Disunifying, and that is Okay,

September, 2019: How to Grow a Blueberry Guild in a Temperate Climate Successfully, Permaculture Research Institute

July, 2019: Minerals and Natural Instincts, Permaculture Research Institute

July, 2019: Adaptive Epigenetics by Rewilding Livestock, Permaculture Research Institute

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